Aug 29, 2022


Swap from DOGE to wDOGE ( DogeChain Network )

Before starting make sure you have added the DogeChain network to Metamask.

🚀 How to add DogeChain to Metamask?

Step 1: Go to the link:

  • Then connect this site to Metamask.
  • You will see an interface as shown below.

Step 2: Click “Deposit” you will see the interface as shown below.

Step 3: Click “Confirm” and you will see a DOGE wallet address

  • Buy DOGE on centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, Huobi, etc. Then send DOGE to this wallet address and wait about 10 minutes you will receive wDOGE into your wallet.

Step 4: You are completed and can check your wDOGE balance by clicking on the metamask.




Official Decentralized Exchange Launched on #DogeChain.